Bandera La Ciudad

“World Heritage City”
conceded by UNESCO on 26th November 1986

“Europe Third Monumental Set”
Given by Eurpoe Council in 1968


The city of Cáceres has a population of 96.000 and has 1768 km2, the biggest municipality in Spain. The different cultures that had lived here along the years have made one of the most beautiful and careful monument in the world and it is recognized by the UNESCO.
Its name came from the Arabian “Hizn Qazris”, witch means hill fort, denomination give by the Almohad Dynasty to the settlement Romans Norma Caesarina, that was founded between the 35 and the 34 century B.C. It was founded by the romans proconsul Cayo Norbano Flacco, who lumped together graduate privates from the Castra Servilia and Castra Caecilia camps and the population from the old hill fort ubicated in the old city.

Historical chronology. Click to Zoom.


Cáceres offers to the visitors a city where a different civilization settled since the prehistory, through the Romans period, Almohad Dynasty, Christianity and Jews period. And even you can see the old path called “Vía de la planta” , the Transhumance ways and their naturals paths.
The city also offers the singularity of the Rivera and the importance of their natural areas the Llanos of Cáceres, the San Pedro Mountain, the mines of Aldea Moret, the passion of the Holy week their foods and the people.