Caceres mobile clean point

There are a series of waste that can´t be deposited in the usual dumpster, to remedy that we bring you a gigantic dumspter named Mobile Clean Point.
What´s its use?Nowadays, a lot of waste don´t get treated appropriately nor get collected, end up in the garbage dump, without any exploitation whatsoever, polluting and rising the garbage dump voulme. Now, however, you may deposit: USED DOMESTIC OIL, MEDICINES, BATTERIES, USED CLOTHES, MOBILE PHONES, RADIOGRAPHS, SMALL AND BIG ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES, FURNITURE AND GENERAL BELONGINGS.
You may check timetables and places in which you can find the Mobile clean Point.
The following list shows different locations with information about Caceres Mobile Clean Points and timetables all around the city. You can use the dropbox list to access a file (in Spanish) with more detailed information of each point. In addition, you can visually check all the locations in the viewer.