Traversing Network of 2009



This new network consists of 540 vertexes distributed throughout the city. For each one of them, a complete form has been realized, which allows to know its exact location in UTM and GPS coordinates, the administrative address, and a description of the situation with a sketch and a recent photograph that shows the point where it is.

 Note: Respect of the numeration
The series 1 to 999 are re-used vertexes from the traverse of 1996.
The series 1000 to 1999 are re-used vertexes from the traverse of 2004.
The series 2000 to 2999 are new vertexes located in the monumental zone.
The series 3000 to 3999 are new vertexes for its expansion throughout the city.

Any defect, mistake in the description, or simply the loss of the vertex, can be comunicated to the Geographic Information System, dependent section of the Technical Services of the Municipality of Cáceres.