Consultations of 2009 Traverse Network

This new network of Traverse has 540 vertexes that are numbered among several series, as come from previous or new networks.
The NUMERATION of the vertexes: The series 1 to 999 are re-used vertexes from the traverse of 1996.
The series 1000 to 1999 are re-used vertexes from the traverse of 2004.
The series 2000 to 2999 are new vertexes located in the monumental zone.
The series 3000 to 3999 are new vertexes for its expansion throughout the city.

The QUERIES are performed under different criteria:

A vertex by its corresponding number.

All the vertexes in a sequential way.

The vertexes of a STREET by its name.

The vertexes of a NEIGHBORHOOD by its name.

The GPS vertexes. All the GPS ones.

The visible vertexes from a concrete one.