Be Inspired Awards

Bentley Systems, as leading company dedicated to provide integrated solutions for infrastructure, grants these awards which recognize the extraordinary work of Bentley users to improve and support the infrastructure of the world. It is the most prestigious prize that Bentley company anually awards to highlight the projects that make an innovative use of their software products.

For the first time, a Spanish Municipal Geographical Information System has been a finalist in these prestigious awards. Among 19 presented projects from around the world in the category of Cadastre and Development of the territory, the project of Cáceres: “Ayuntamiento de Cáceres. Cáceres GIS Development Over Geographics and GWP”. Caceres, Spain has been a finalist with “Gemeente Tiel All Municipal Geodata Available at Everybody’s Desk” Tiel, Netherlands. The winning project has been ““KASL Consulting Engineers Metro Fire Station No. 29. Citrus Heights.” California, United States. Congratulations.

The project presented by the GIS of the Municipality of Cáceres has consisted of the habitual works of the own Geographic Information Service: cartography of the municipal area from 1898 to present, in digital format, along with databases whose content includes the cadastre, the municipal census, statistics of inhabitants, municipal street map, toponymy, the urban planning, and services of infrastructure of the city.

CáceresGIS CáceresGIS CáceresGIS CáceresGIS
CáceresGIS CáceresGIS CáceresGIS CáceresGIS


Luis Antonio Alvarez y Faustino Cordero
The congress was held in Charlotte, North Carolina, on 12th, 13th and 14th October. During the course of this congress, the morning of the 13th concretely, there took place the presentation of the works by which the Municipality of Cáceres was selected as a finalist in the edition of Be Inspired! Awards 2009, in the category of Cadastre and Land Development, which consisted of the works that during the last 10 years the Cáceres GIS has been developing.

The presentation of Cáceres pleased, received congratulations from the executives of the organizing company, Bentley, that they were present in it. With the work of Cáceres, others were presented: the work of the Dutch city of Tiel and one of the study of engineering KASL, from California (USA), which finally won the first prize.

Representatives of 51 out of 55 finalists of the 17 categories, from 21 countries of the five continents participated. The works were selected by an international jury foreign to the company Bentley. It bore diverse factors in mind at the moment of selecting the finalists, among them the innovative use of Bentley projects to develop their projects.

Finally, they did not give us the award, but the aim to announce our work and our city was fulfilled. The winning project is not really comparable to the presented one by the Municipality of Cáceres, because that was not a GIS but an engineering work consisting of the urbanization of the areas and later construction of a firemen’s station in California.

It also gave us the oportunity to meet a North American city like Charlotte, the 19th biggest city in the USA.

The experience has been positive and enriching. It has helped us to know the different works that are being developed in other cities of the world. We have learned from the others, and also they from us, because although we did not win, the real prize, and the really difficult thing, it was entering the final. The competition to be elected a finalist is the hardest test, and that an international jury had chosen our project ahead of other cities like Moscow, Prague, Helsinki or Grenoble, among others, it is a prize and a pride for us.

The evaluator jury emphasized the innovative use of the software on which it has highlighted its creativity and richness of informative territorial content. Also its availability for the citizen through its website (, where it is possible to consult most of the information it contains.

View presentation video
Presentation video complete of the Congress 24:08 (46Mb WMV)
Caceres GIS Development Over Geographics and GWP
11:30 AM. Westin Hotel. Track GOVERNMENT AND UTILITIES.Charlotte – NC
13th October, 2009

Now we continue working, renewing our system, upgrading to the new versions of the software, entering more data, and giving more services to the municipal technicians and citizens through our website. We do not reject to return to present our project in a few years, Cáceres’ citizens’ project, to a new edition of the prizes. Maybe then we get the luck we lacked.

Anyway, Cáceres has been present in USA, and the article that will be published in the magazine “The Year in Infraestructure 2009″ worldwide, will announce us in the world.

Thanks to all who have helped us and those who, in one way or another, have collaborated to get where we have come, and thanks for the samples of supporting and love we have received these days.

Luis Antonio Alvarez and Faustino Cordero.-