15th may 2018

Available the new viewer CHRONOLOGY
Follow the evolution of Cáceres through eras and centuries.

8th may 2018

Available the new viewer TIME LINE
See how Cáceres has developed over the last sixty years in a Time Line.

3th may 2018

They select two papers presented by Cáceres GIS for the IV Smart Cities Congress, on May 30 in Madrid. “Solar Potential Viewer” and “Cáceres View: APP”.

19th apr 2018

Available the new viewer PRINT ORTHOPHOTOS
Print, in a personalized way, the orthophoto that you like the most.

12th apr 2018

Participation of the Cáceres GIS in the FME World Tour in TRYP Madrid Atocha Hotel. Transformation of the General Plan.

19th mar 2018

The international magazine MAPPING publishes in its number 186 the article “APP CÁCERES VIEW. La IDE local al servicio del usuario“.

7th mar 2018

The Mayor presents the Study of the Solar Photovoltaic Potential of the roofs of the city, work performed as a result of the collaboration agreement of the SIG with the Polytechnic School of UEx.

6th mar 2018

New YouTube Channel of Cáceres GIS. ABRIR
A new way of approaching the Cáceres GIS.
The first promotional video of the Cáceres View APP can now be played. VER

27th feb 2018

Published in the BOP of Cáceres the definitive Catalog of Public Roads of Cáceres TM. You can visit website of the SIG

25th feb 2018

Available the new viewer “orthophoto comparator”.
Select two orthophotos and compare them to see how the city of Cáceres has changed.

22th feb 2018

Available the new viewer EL OJO DEL TIEMPO (THE EYE OF TIME).
Use the mouse to move the eye to a past time and remember what Cáceres was like in the past.

10th jan 2018

Published the calendar of Cáceres GIS of the year 2018. link

18th dic 2017

In the next few days, the server migration of the IDE of Cáceres will be completed. With this update you can give a better service to all users

15th nov 2017

From 15 to 17 November 2017, the “VIII Iberian Conference on Spatial Data Infrastructures” was held in Lisbon, where Cáceres GIS presented the latest news from the Cáceres View APP.

27th oct 2017

Cáceres GIS participates in the 3rd Edition of the Hackathon OpenData.

4th sep 2017

Cáceres GIS participates in the “XVIII International Summer-Autumn Courses” of the University of Extremadura

16th Ago 2017

Cáceres GIS will bring its experience in the summer course “Smart City, open data and accessibility to public services”, to be held at the Polytechnic School of Cáceres in September.

10th Jul 2017

Accepted the presentation “Cáceres View APP. Local IDE at the user’s service” at JIIDE 2017, held in Lisbon in November. +info

19th May 2017

New viewer and new website to know the Master Plan of the Cáceres Wall. Link

15th May 2017

Added to PGM 2010 the documentation from PGOU 1999, corresponding to the Catalog. Link to PGM documentation

24th Apr 2017

Cáceres GIS, prize for the best public initiative in the II Night of the Computer Engineering, granted by the Professional College of Computer Engineers of Extremadura (CPIIEx)

3th Apr 2017

The new viewers of Cáceres Urban Planning are available, completely interactive. For PC and mobiles.
Link to viewers

21th Mar 2017

600 followers on our Facebook. Thank you all !!!

17th Mar 2017

Agreed in plenary session the Cáceres´s public paths guide.
This document has 204 routes with more than 1000 km.

7th Feb 2017

We are working in a new Viewer for PGM. Available soon!!

30th Jan 2017

Available Population Statistics of Cáceres from January 2017. Download here

16th Jan 2017

The new PGM 2010 access index is available. +info

12th Jan 2017

The first photos of the new image inventory are now available for streets and government numbers.

28th Dec 2016

The Mayor of Cáceres presents the new paper edition of the street map. +info

19th Oct 2016

Cáceres GIS participates in the working day “Digital Transformation of the AA.PP. In Extremadura “, organized by the SOCINFO foundation in Mérida. +info

29th Sep 2016

Cáceres GIS presents its presentation at the JIIDE 2016. +info

28th Sep 2016

Cáceres GIS presents its presentation at the Inspire Conference 2016. +info

11th Jul de 2016

Cáceres GIS brings its experience to the summer course “SMART CITY, Sustainable Mobility and Road Safety”, held at the Polytechnic School of Cáceres. +info

8th Jul 2016

Accepted the paper “From municipal GIS to Cáceres SDI. Data sharing” for oral presentation on INSPIRE Conference 2016. +info

21th Jun 2016

Accepted the paper “Del SIG municipal a la IDE de Cáceres. Compartiendo datos” on JIIDE 2016. +info

23th May 2016

Available for query access points to the Old Town restricted area (controlled with remote cameras) and zones enabled for parking. +info

20th Apr 2016

The first multiplatform viewers based on the IDE Caceres and API Leaflet are ready. GO

1st Mar 2016

New site IDE Cáceres is available. +info

15th Feb 2016

The new site IDE Cáceres begin to publish data in beta stade. +info

25th Jan 2016

Available Population Statistics of Cáceres from January 2016. Download here

3th Dec 2015

Cáceres GIS in the I Forum Small Smart Cities. +info

10th Nov 2015

We begin to work in the new Web edition that will publish the Spatial Data Infrastructure SDI-Caceres. At the beginning of 2016 will be in service.

14th Oct 2015

The new street map viewer of Cáceres is ready. This is the most complete street map offered to date, with detailed and updated information.
Open Street Map

15th Sep 2015

400 followers on our Facebook. Thank you all !!!

21th Aug 2015

The edition of the new street map of the city are well advanced. It is a very different version from previous, with more information. Available soon.

28th Jul 2015

New Architectural Heritage viewer, with two thematic layers: low floor maps and elevations of buildings from the Special Plan of Protection and Architectural Rehabilitation of the city. Both layers can be overlayed on different maps and orthophotos. In collaboration with the University of Extremadura. +info

22th Jun 2015

Ready the new Cartography Viewer, with cartographies and ortophotos from differents years. +info

8th May 2015

Ready the new Urban Bus Viewer. All lines and stops are updated. The main feature this viewer is you can see in real time and for each stop the time waiting to pass the lines to stop there. +info

13th Apr 2015

The week from 13 to 19 April we celebrate the XX anniversary of the creation of Cáceres GIS with an exhibition at the Municipal Museum in Publio Hurtado square.
You can visit the museum (10h-14h and 17h-20h) until Sunday 19th April

16th Mar 2015

We resume the work of digitization of records of Municipal Historical Archive. These data will be immediately available on the web + info

27th Feb 2015

CPIIEx (Colegio Profesional de Ingenieros en Informática de Extremadura) delivery to Opendata Cáceres the best public initiative award on the 1st Night of Computer Engineering 2015.
Opendata is an initiative of Ayuntamiento de Cáceres (SIG de Cáceres) and Extremadura University (Quercus Software Engineering Group). +info

6th Feb 2015

It is ready the new APP Cáceres Histórica. Cáceres’s history in images.
Download in Google Play
Soon for IOS

2do Feb 2015

Available Population Statistics of Cáceres from January 2015. Download here

31th Jan 2015

300 followers on our Facebook. Thank you all !!!

15th Jan 2015

We resume the work of digitization of records of Municipal Historical Archive. Until February 15, David Hernandez Íñigo will continue recording and integrating data in Cáceres GIS. These data will be immediately available on the web + info

12th Jan 2015

It is ready the first version of the inventory of heraldic shields of the monumental city of Cáceres. You can view the viewer Historical Cáceres. Thanks to Javier Amador for their effort and dedication. Great job !!

15th Dic 2014

Has been incorporated into the documentation of the Special Plan (PEPRPAC) the document “Inventory of Actions”. VIEW

14th Nov 2014

Today we have exceeded 1000 followers on our Twitter. Thank you all !!!

12th Nov 2014

We have exceeded 200 followers on our Facebook. Thank you all !!!

6th Oct 2014

We started a new project that will be ready later this year: A complete inventory of shields of the monumental city of Caceres georeferenced and linked to municipal GIS.

25th Sep 2014

Available the new service about link the municipal archive data with the municipal GIS. You can launch queries from previous work records to 1950 and locate it over the city map. This project will be completed over the next years.

15th Aug 2014

Fixed bug in files to download of DWG cartography 2012. Added line styles file.

15th Aug 2014

Routes and stops URBAN BUS modified from 15-August-2014. You can check the news in Cáceres GIS.

26th Jul 2014

First results of Open Data web site, which Caceres GIS provides much of the data.
News in El Periódico Extremadura.
+info Open Data

18th Jul 2014

Our web site Cáceres Histórica is in BETA now.

15th Jul 2014

We have exceeded 300 followers on our Twitter. Thank you all !!!

24th Jun 2014

Caceres’s Mayor presents the new cartography of the city. Link
This is a new high-precision cartography, covering the city of Caceres, plus a new orthophotography, which can be downloaded directly from the SIG de Cáceres web site.

20th Jun 2014

New service queries of major constructions licences from Archivo Histórico Municipal of Cáceres.Actually is in construction, but is possible to query information about 500 constructions licences between 1917 y 1944.

22do May 2014

New Viewer 3D Cáceres View. It is a desktop version of Cáceres View APP, but more powerfull, with the Digital Terrain Model (DTM), and the buildings of the city in 3 dimensions, with particular detail in the old town of Caceres. You can take down and rotate the camera to get spectacular views of the city in 3D.

14th April 2014

New Cáceres GIS Citizen Services. Also available in English.

12th March 2014

The Cáceres GIS section launches website with a new makeover. Also made publicly available 2012 cartography.

7th March 2014

The Caceres GIS made publicly the Catálogo de Caminos. The period of claims opens from March 8th to June 8th of 2014 (3 months).
Catálogo de Caminos Públicos. Documento para aprobación Inicial.

12th February 2014

You can now follow the GIS Cáceres in the following social networks:
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