P.G.O.U. 1999

The Urban Planning 1999 of the city of Cáceres came into force on March 26, 1999 (DOE nº 29, March 9, 1999). This document, replaced by the Urban Planning of 2010, consists of planes and regulation on paper. At the end of June, 2002, an ambicious project is completed, which has the digitization of the Urban Planning as an aim.

On these pages, the digitized web version of the PGOU 1999 can be consulted. It is organized into four main areas: the first two allow to realize consultations about planning, in a direct way or in a graphical way; the third one is devoted to thematic maps generated from the municipal GIS; and finally, in the last area, the document related to the Plan in PDF format is shown.

Nowadays, a new section is included, which gathers the developments of the PGOU where it is possible to consult detailed studies, partial planes and reclassifications.