Mobile Applications

APP Cáceres View

It is an application for “smartphones” that locates on the ortoimage of the city, datums of interest such as hotels, chemist’s, schools, monuments, health centers, bus stops, routes around the city, etc… All this information, images and links, provided from the GIS database of the Town Hall of Cáceres. One can search street numbers, streets or landmark and it download tourist information in PDF. Available for IOS 8.0 and Android 4.0


App Cáceres View

Cáceres View for Layar

Layar is a free augmented reality application with more than 30 million downloads, available for “smartphones” Android and IOS phones equipped with GPS and rear camera. This app can charge layers information called Geo Layers.
Cáceres View is a Geo Layers which includes interesting information of Cáceres: hotels, sights, cultural centers, monuments, educational centers, health centers, routes around the city, etc. This information is continuously updated from the Caceres’ s GIS.

To use it you must install Layar, and from the application itself seek Cáceres View Geo Layers. Once loaded, it is enough to guide the device to where we were headed, as if it were a compass to find the services that we have around, and the system will place us geographically where the interest points are and then we can select it to view additional information. You can also guide us from where we are to the point chosen.


Layar en Cáceres View

APP Historical Cáceres

Historical Cáceres is an application which you’ll allow to know one part of the city history with images.
It allows visualize orthophotos and cartographies since 1931, besides more than 1000 old photographies from some places of the city, any with more than 100 years of age. Moreover, you can consult “Libro de Yerbas” book, which describes the city´s properties in 1909.
All data are been compiled by the GIS of Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Cáceres, in colaboration with Archivo Histórico Municipal.


App Cáceres Histórica